Running – How I see it enriching my dance

Lately I got my calf and knee problems under control and now I can run again. I love it! After not being able to run for 7 years and not really practicing for another 15 years this feels amazing. A very basic sense of aliveness rises up in these runnings with a flavour of freedom and capability. It is not so easy to figure out what touches me so deeply. There is nothing super special, it is just running, I can do it or leave it, doesn’t really matter. But what does matter? – from those things that go beyond pure survival … Continue reading

Round Robin Transformations – an alternative or addition to Jamming?

I never really liked the Round Robin structure and wasn’t sad that it seemed to almost disappear in the last 25 years. Many fresh practitioners might not even know what it is, though …

The Round Robin is the core format to practice and perform Contact Improvisation in the very early days of the form, when jams hadn’t been invented yet. Continue reading

Lernen – Geist und Körper im Dialog? Ist die Trennung von Geist und Körper nicht längst überholt?

Am 24.2.2016 war ich zu Gast bei Katja Münker zum Somatischen Salon zum Thema ‘Lernen in und durch Bewegung – Kooperation und Skepsis zwischen Körper und Geist’.

Mit voller Begeisterung dozierte ich über den fruchtbaren Dialog von Geist und Körper in meinem Lernen. Diese irgendwie mittelalterliche Trennung von Körper und Geist, die wir in der somatischen Arbeit meinen endlich überwunden zu haben – ich krame sie leidenschaftlich wieder hervor, nur mit verkehrten Vorzeichen. Continue reading

Suspension – The Art of Waiting … and Accelerating

Thoughts before and after a lecture on the Axis Syllabus Dance Festival ‘Sensing In’ in Berlin with the general theme of ‘Rhythm and Timing’

November 27th 2015

With 15 years I went through the obligatory dance school trauma. A main reason why I never wanted to get in touch with dance again was the Rhythm. ‘Herr Hassmann, Sie sind nicht im Takt (you are not in the rhythm)!’ was the melody of my dance. Continue reading

Workshops for experienced Contacters only – How exclusive should we be?

CI workshops for advanced contacters. Intensives on a CI festival – level: intermediate/ advanced. To follow this workshop a basic knowledge of Contact improvisation is required …

How open are we in this heartfelt and open Contact Community? Is it ok to have those exclusive events, dividing the practitioners into beginners, intermediate and advanced contacters? What are the criteria? Who decides, which experience level someone has?

Continue reading

Travelling on floor level and in standing

Thoughts for preparing an intermediate/advanced CI workshop in Warsaw

In my teaching I usually focus a lot on how to keep the shared weight moving while dancing through all spacial levels. How do we lift each other and how do we get smoothly and safely to the floor are core questions? In this workshop I don’t want to work on these transitions. Instead I want to explore travelling on floor level and on standing level very separately and neglect the question how to get from the floor up and from standing down to the floor again. Continue reading